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1 World Harrier Links
Harrier Organization
World Harrier Organization - The World Harrier Organization is the end result of Global Trash publishing and oldest harrier online resources dedicated to hounds and hares around the world from 1993.

2 Regional or National Harrier Links
*General Pages
Global Emeritus Hash, The - Terry Deep Throat Mechan put together this hash to honor hash founders around the world..
Go To the Hash - Hazukashii maintains this hash reference page of hash links and travel resources.
Half-Mind Catalog, The - General Hash information and entertainment site edited by Hops
Harrier.Net Home Page, The - ZiPpY's links to hash info, lyrics and more.
Hash Boy Cartoons - Pinky maintains these pages of Hash Boy cartoons and other graphics.
The Hash Heritage Foundation - The Hash House (mother hash)

Africa Hash - The Regional Hash Contact Server for the African Continent

Australia Hash Home Page - Calendar and contacts for Australia kept by 'D2HD'.
South Oz Hash Kennels Back Door - Booga maintains this interesting graphical entry to info on South Australian hashes.

Hashing in China - The Home for Info on all Hash Kennels in Greater China (The Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau, Taiwan and Mongolia)

Egypt National Hash Page* - 'Ra' keeps this page for the Egyptian hashes with good info for travelers to the area.

Hashes in Japan - Beerhead of Kobe HHH maintains this Japanese hashing info page.

Hashing in Korea Home Page - Hazukashii's page about Korean hashes.

Middle East
Gulf Contacts* - Baldrick in Kuwait maintains this page for the Arabian hashes

New Zealand
New Zealand National Hash Page - Contacts and Information for New Zealand maintained by W.E.N.D.Y

Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea Hash Contacts - Contacts for Papua New Guinea maintained by 'Dimple'.

Philippines Directory - Directory and information about hashes in the Philippines maintained by La Union HHH.

Singapore Regional Hash Data - Dirty Hacker maintains this page of contacts and info on Singapore area hashes.

Likk'mm's Swiss HHH Page* - Likk'mm's links to Swiss and European hash info.

United Kingdom
UK Hash House Harriers Home Page - The UK On-Sec, Prof, maintains this page with info, maps and links to hashes.

United States of America, Your Source for Texas Hashing! - The source for Texas Hash House Harrier news, events, and information.

3 Other Pages of Harrier Interest

Lyme Disease Web Site - Information on the disease, symptoms, ticks, etc.
Trek Share - Information on travel, sharing travel experiences and more.

4 Running Links
Better Health - Better Health's mission is a simple one: to help you make better health-care decisions. They do it by providing information, advice and support, on whatever topic you're looking for.
Foot Web - Resources for foot care, diagnosis and treatment of foot problems, and references to other resources, all simply and directly laid out., The Foot Health Network - 'The World’s Most Comprehensive Foot Health Site', with information available about the causes, prevention and treatment for common foot problems and/or discomfort, as well as other related links.
Health Scout - HealthScout is a personal health agent, that brings you daily news and information about your special interests.
National Runner's Health Study - This study is producing scientific proof of what we all knew empirically: running is good for you. Here you can become part of the data.
North Shore Podiatry - This site includes practice information, foot care A - Z, general podiarty information and also specialized surgical care information.
Passport to Health Directory - This is a directory/search engine for health and fitness related links. It has links to news, information, lists, books and magazines.
Runner's Health Survey - Survey of runners to test how much running is beneficial. Participants get an automatic on-the-sport analysis of their diet
Running with dr.sheehan - Everything you ever wanted to know about the great Dr. George Sheehan, along with selected essays from his 25 years of writing about the world of exercise, play, and competition.
Shin Splints Causes and How to Prevent Them - Shin splints is a general phrase used to describe a painful condition in the lower legs, shin splints is often caused by impact sports such as running. This site has lots of good articles and guides on how to deal with this common running injury.

Birmingham Track Club - The major running club in the Birmingham area and sponsor of local races.
Fifty plus DC Club - This page honors all the runners known to have completed marathons in all fifty U.S. States plus the District of Columbia, and also includes notes on seven-continent runners, U.S. states plus Canadian provinces runners, and others whose interest in marat
High Altitude Sports Training Complex - Located at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ, the HASTC provides opportunity for athletes looking to improve by training at high altitude. Look here also for documentation of the physiology of high altitude training.
Hopkinton Athletic Association - Yes,
International Amateur Athletic Federation - Founded in 1912, the IAAF sets and enforces the rules of the sport--which includes track and field, road running, cross country and race walking--ratifies official world records, organizes international competitions and promotes the sport world-wide. Top
International Front Runners - The international (as the name implies) organization for gay and lesbian athletes has created an informative site that offers a schedule of upcoming events as well as Frontrunners history, a mailing list, and pointers to more topical information.
New York Road Runner's Club - The New York Road Runner's Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing running, walking, and other sports and fitness activities for competition, health, recreation and community service. The Club was founded in 1958 with an initial members
Pacific Northwest Association of USA Track and Field. - This site has everything you want to know about the 1999 USA Winter Cross Country National Championships
Passtschon 98 - Runtime Error Team - For runners who like Wheat-Beer. Drinking before and after the run is one of our best things to do. Also, we got a Beerathlon in August each year, close to Frankfurt, Germany.
Road Runner's Club of America - The Road Runner's Club of America is a national organization of over 500 Chapter Clubs located in 48 states and Guam, and representing over 160,000 members. The RRCA, the largest grass roots running organization in America, is a rapidly growing but matur

"Hot Harry" Kirsch Home Page - A personal web page devoted to a 72 year old runner with 29 marathons under his belt.
Atletisme Catala' - Spanish running page in Catalonia.
CVRT - The Clydesdale Virtual Racing Team is a mailing list dedicated to runners to whom gravity is a special challenge.
Hal Higdon's On The Run - Runner's Senior Writer Hal Higdon offers his regular columns on running (and skiing during the winter) as well as training schedules for the 10-K, half-marathon and marathon (Virtual Marathon Training).
i-run - On-line running log.
Joe's Running Links - An online guide to his choice for best running links on the World Wide Web.
Karl Gruber's Super Run for the Cure -
Kick! - Calendar of running events.
Masters Track and Field - Advocating for athletes in "the prime of life." Includes results, opinions, and a calendar.
Mining Company: Running, The - The Mining Company specializes in
New England Clydesdale & Filly Running Federation - This Clydesdale page includes a list of national and international races with Clydesdale divisions. They actively seek information on races with Clydesdale and Filly divisions, and have information here about a New England series.
official Donovan Bailey site, The - Donovan Bailey's home page is loaded not just with all things Donovan, but up-to-date news on the international sprinting scene. Very much a class act.
Penguin Chronicles, The - The Penguin Chronicles document one person's journey from a life of sedentary confinement to a life of activity. John Bingham's humorous, but often touching, observations celebrate the athletic ideals of preparation, perspiration, and determination as se
Potch Altitude Training Camp - The combination of 1500m altitude, warm weather (during the northern hemisphere winter), good clean air, and the save and relaxed atmosphere of Potchefstroom makes this the ideal training base.
Road Race Management, Inc. - Road Race Management offers a variety of products and services for race directors, people involved in the running industry, elite athletes, and others who have a keen interest in the sport of distance running.
Road Running Information Center - The National Center for long distance running records and research. Publishes
Run Big - This Chicago-area Clydesdales page has plenty of information and inspiration.
RunChat - CGI-based chat about running.
Runner's Edge - Indianapolis Life offers life insurance with premium discounts based on recent race results.
Running Dialogue - This is the site of Running Dialogue book. This is a humorous how to train book, by former Portsmouth and Yeovil Olympiads AC runner, for beginner AND experienced runners, with a few cartoons too, plus diet and injury advice.
Running Man, The - This is the offical site of The First Person To Run Around The World. He is crossing 5 continents 53 countries and 33,000 miles (54,000 kilometres). It's for 2 Guinness Book of World Records. His anticipated arrival back at his starting point in Piccad
Sporting Image, The - More sports photography, this time from a U.S. company.
Sporting Images - Sporting Images claims the largest online collection of sports shots, including a large
Sports Basement -
Team Oregon running and fitness - More than just a regional site, Team Oregon includes general interest training advice and a wide range of links as well.

Complete Triathlon - resource for triathletes, runners, cyclists and swimmers. We offer everything from training guidance to gear reviews. Complete Tri has been at it for about 10 years, and we see several thousand visitors per day. We have been featured in, by USA Triathlon, and are the preferred resource for many triathlon and running clubs.
Extreme Triathlon - An online magazine exclusively for triathlons of Ironman distance and longer.
Joe Henderson's Running Commentary - Runner's World's senior columnist posts a fresh article each week, none a rerun from RW. You also can subscribe here to his monthly newsletter, Running Commentary, etc.
Marathon and Beyond - A magazine focusing on
National Masters News - America's monthly publication for masters runners is now online! Keep an eye on them as they get their web feet under them.
National Masters News - America's monthly publication for masters runners is now online! Keep an eye on them as they get their web feet under them.
President's Choice Triathlon Series -
Race Results Weekly - Race results and brief commentary for the biggest races every weekend, first thing Monday morning. Check the site for details.
Runner's World Magazine - The top running magazine in the world.
Running Life, The - A new net-zine sponsored by the Honolulu Marathon, The Running Life features stories and interviews by running journalists Toni Reavis and Jim Barahal.
Running Links - Runner's World provides this page of running links and also regional running page links.
Running Network, The - This is labeled the Roadway for Tomorrow's Runner. This site is the network of specialized regional and national publications.
Track and Field News - Without question, the
Transition Times - This online magazine includes
Triathlete Online - The home page of Triathlete Magazine.
Ultra Running Magazine - For those runners who run loooooong distances, you have your own magazine.The articles are submitted by runners, Since the magazine is largely written by its readership, editorial styles vary. They also have race reports composed entirely in poetry!

10th Annual Covered Bridges Half Marathon - Held in Quechee and Woodstock, Vermont on Sunday, June 3, 2001, limited to first 2500 registrants.
2-Mile Stone Cold Poetry Run - On Sunday, November 6, at 11:00 a.m., there will be a FREE 2-mile Stone Cold Poetry Run in Boulder, CO, sponsored by the Inukshuk Collective. Run in downtown Boulder area, both beginning and ending outside the Boulderado Hotel. At the end of the run, runners are encouraged to donate at least $5 to the Collective; in exchange, donors will receive a poem and Inukshuk gear. However, no one will be turned away on account of money.
Foot Locker Cross Country Championships Midwest Regional - The Foot Locker Cross Country Championships are the national championships of high school athletics. The top 32 male and female high school runners in the country will qualify in the regional meets and will compete at the national meet.
Marathon des Sables - The 144-mile stage race in the Sahara in Morocco. Participants are expected to be completely self-sufficient. Look here for more information on the
Mining Company, The - Track and Field Links News and Calendars - A nice site that includes comprehensive race schedules and entry forms.
Trail Running Tours - Trail running tours in the American Pacific Northwest.
Ultramarathon World - The complete source of information for ultrarunning, or distance running events longer than the standard marathon of 42 kilometers, 195 meters (26 miles, 385 yards). Topics include ultra news, ultra facts, major races, publications, organizations and gro
USTC Power Rankings - Rankings of U.S. college track teams based on a different table than most.
Women's Multisport - Marathons, ultras, track, triathlon, and more, for women.

Foward Motion Sports On-line - Results, Clubs, Events, Reviews, and Training.
i-run - i-run is a web-based running log that allows registered users to log runs, milage, and track use of up to ten pairs of shoes. - The 1997 winner of the Bolder Boulder and the USATF 5000m, Libbie offers training tips, personalized coaching.
Running Tips - Variety of running information and link to running mailing list.

5 Bicycle Links
Manufacturers & Custom Builders
Bow Cycle - Alberta, Canada
Brompton Folding Bikes - Brompton Bicycle Ltd is the London-based designer and manufacturer of the Brompton folding bicycle and related accessories.
Cannondale - U.S. made aluminum bicycles.
Fat City - Bikes
FutureCycles - Specializing in recumbents
Giant Bicycles - Manufacture mountain, Road, Touring, BMX, Hybrid, and Kids bikes
Ibis Cycles -
New Dimensions Design - Builds the HandBike.
Redlof International - Portable Bikes
Softride - Product information
Soren International - Australian frame builder
Specialized - Product and team information
Trek - Bicycle Corporation
VooDoo - Bicycles

Bike Colorado - Free online training log
Bike'alog - A complete list of bicycle specifications.
BikeBox - For shipping and travel
Bikeshop dot Com -
BikNet - WWW Bicycle Guide
Campy Only! - Devoted the world's finest bicycling components.
Chain Reaction - Bringing people together through art.
Cyber Cyclery - Bicycling resources
CycleOps - Stationary trainers
Dave & Babak's Cross-Country Bicycle Trip -
Fixed Gear Fever, just for trackies -
Le Tour de France - The official site of the Société du Tour de France
Mad Dog Media - Biting commentary and hilarious cartoons by Patrick O'Grady
Mountain Bike Almanac - A mountain biking resource guide
Mountain Biking - The Internet's mountain biking directory
Mud Sluts -
Ney York Pedicabs -
PB's Triathlon - Home Page
Rivendell Bicycle Works - Retro grouch central
S and S Machine Bicycle Torque Couplings -
Unicycles -
WOMBATS - Women's Mountain Bike & and Tea Society
ZAP Electric Bikes -

Mountain Biking
ChainLink - Washington, D.C. ride info
Colorado Mountain Bike Racing -
Mountain Bike Resources -
Singletrak - San Francisco Bay area.

Almaden Cycle Touring Club - San Jose, CA
Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society - Ann Arbor, MI
Appalachian Mountain Bike Club - Knoxville, Tennessee
Bay Area Velo Girls - Ladies bicycle club in the San Francisco bay area.
Birmingham Bicycle Club - Bicycle club in Birmingham, Alabama
C.H.U.N.K. 666 - Chopper bicycle gang
Cascade Bicycle Club -
Dayton Cycling Club - Ohio
Durham University Cycling Club - UK
East Coast Bicycle Club - Ocean County, NJ
Freewheelers of Spartanburg - Spartanburg, SC
Kaw Valley Bicycle Club - Topeka, Kansas
League of American Bicyclists - Bicycle advocacy
MORE (Mid-Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts) -
Morris Area Freewheelers Bicycle Club - in New Jersey
Motorola - professional cycling team
Moulton Bicycle Club, The -
Murfreesboro Bicycle Club - Tennessee
Naperville Bicycle Club - Illinois
National Bicycle History Archive of America -
New Jersey Cycling -
North Chattanooga Cycle Club - Chattanooga, TN
Northern California/ Nevada Cycling Association - Homepage
Pittsburgh Bicycling -
Pursuit Cycle Club - Southern, NJ
Redmond Cycling Club, The - Bothell, WA
Santa Rosa Cycling Club - Santa Rosa, CA
Saturn - Professional cycling team
Sleepy Hollow Bicycle Club - New York
Smoky Mountain Wheelmen - Knoxville, TN
Spring City Cycling Club - Huntsville, AL
Stark County Bicycle Club - Stark County, OH
Tarwheels Bicycle Club - NC
Tri-County Bicycle Association - Lansing, Michigan
VeloNet - The Global Cycling Network
Washington Area Bicyclist Association - Washington, D.C.
West Virginia Rails-to-Trails Council - Council
Wolf Pack Bicycle Club - Houston, TX

Parts and Accessories
Bike Pannier Site -
Bike-Up - Bicycle parking systems
Campagnolo - Italian craftsmanship
CompuTrainer - Bike trainer
CycleTote - Bike trailers
Equinox Tourlite Bicycle Trailers -
Full Speed Ahead - Components
Giro Helmets -
Kreitler Rollers -
Limar Helmets - Manufacturer of cycling helmets
Rolf wheels -
Self-locking bikes -
Shimano - The Microsoft of bike components.
Skinz Road Bike Protectors - Bicycle protectors for road travel.
Speedplay pedals -
SportShip - Makers of the VeloCase
SRAM - Makers of Gripshift and ESP derailleur
Syncros - Cool bike products.

Complete Triathlon - resource for triathletes, runners, cyclists and swimmers. We offer everything from training guidance to gear reviews. Complete Tri has been at it for about 10 years, and we see several thousand visitors per day. We have been featured in, by USA Triathlon, and are the preferred resource for many triathlon and running clubs.
Cycling Plus - Magazine
Dirt Rag - A mountain biking magazine.
Mountain Biking UK -
MTB Pro -
VeloNews - Cycling publication

96 Transam Heart Ride, The - - Guide to Bicycle Rides in Northern California
Bill's Racing Results and News Service -
Canadian Cycling - With Canadian racing information
Colorado Mountain Bike Racing -
Cycling the InfoBahn - Race results and articles by John Rezell
Fat Nick's European Track Cycling Journal -
Les Earnest's FTP Directory - With USCF news and regulations.
Racing Calendar - Courtesy of Cyber Cyclery
The Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa - Reported to be the longest, largest, and oldest ride of its kind in the world. This is the 34th year, somewhere between 10 and 20 thousand riders on any given day, 7 days and a distance of around 450 to 550 miles.
Tour de France -
Tour DuPont - Information from First Union
Tour DuPont - Information from DuPont
Twilight Criterium 1995 - Athens, GA.
USCF general release form - PDF form.

Retailers and Shops
Bicycle Outfitters, The - Bike shop
Bike Nashbar -
Bike Northwest - Bike shops, trails, and related shops
Bike Pedalers - Lincoln, Nebraska
Bike World - Online catalog
Bikes America - Online catalog
Colorado Cyclist - Online version of the catalog
Dice Bikes - 'Dice products are designed with all the sweet features you want, at a more friendly price - You'll find Dice products hitting the trails everyday, on the bikes of mountain bikers worldwide.'
Excel Sports Boulder - Online version of the catalog
Gibraltar Internet Bikes - Online catalog
Performance Bicycle - Online version of the catalog
Price Point: bike parts, clothing, and accessories -
Rivendell Bicycle Works -

Rides and Touring Information
Action Trips - Tour database
Adventure Sport - Outdoor adventures, tours and rides.
Aloha Bicycle Tours - Tour Hawaii by bicycle/
America By Bicycle - Bicycle tours.
Australian Big Bike Ride - A week-long bike tour in New South Wales
Bed and Breakfast Inns ONLINE - B & B's with cycling nearby
Bike ON Tours - Ontario Canada - Regional bicycle maps and rides
Caribbean Bike Tours - Dominican Republic adventure tour operator with a focus on downhill and independent cycling in the highest mountains of the Caribbean.
Chain Gang, The - Guided cycling tours in France.
Cyclevents - Cross state and cross country rides unlike any others.
Easy Rider Tours -
Heaven On Wheels, - A luxury bicycle touring
Island Bikes - Caribbean bike tours
La Corsa Tours - European bike tours
Low-Key HillClimb Series - If you like to climb and live in the San Francisco Bay Area, this is for you.
Moose Tour - Sponsored by Maine Wheels Bicycle Club
Oklahoma Freewheel - Yearly June ride across Oklahoma - sponsored by the Tulsa World newspaper
Randonneuring -
San Diego Cycling Page, The -
San Francisco Bay Area Climbs - San Francisco, CA
San Francisco Bay Area Trails -
Shortall's Irish Cycling Page -
Tampa Bay Cycling Online -
Tour BC - British Columbia's Premier Bicycle Tours
Tour d' Aliso Viejo - Orange County, CA
Tour of Nebraska -
Utah Cycling Network -

Safety, Commuting and Advocacy
Auto-Free D.C. - Save the planet, stop driving cars.
Bicycle Commuting - Links to many state wide organizations.
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute -
Bicycle Pepper Spray - If you own a bicycle, we sell pepper spray especially made for you! One moment you could be riding and enjoying the fresh air, the next moment something terrible could happen. Check out our pepper sprays below, they are perfect for casual or even professional cyclists.
Bicycle Pepper Spray - If you own a bicycle, we sell pepper spray especially made for you! One moment you could be riding and enjoying the fresh air, the next moment something terrible could happen. Check out our pepper sprays below, they are perfect for casual or even professional cyclists.
Bicycle Safety Resources - Collection of bicycle safety resources for both children and adults.
Bicycle-Friendly Berkeley Coalition -
Bicycling Community Page - Bicycling in Madison Wisconsin.
CARveat Emptor - A site dedicated to making autos less annoying.
Chainguard Online - Bicycling safety
Critical Mass Times - Information on how to compute your own
Cyclist's Rights Action Group -
Effective Cycling - Bicycle Education
League of American Bicyclists - Bicycle advocacy
One Less Car -
Pizza Power - Bicycle advocacy
Ride Safe Bicycle Helmet Store - Discount helmets
Safety Posters - Road safety posters for drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists and kids
Snell - Memorial Foundation's home page
Transportation Alternatives - Grass-roots Bike advocacy in New York City
United Bicycle Institute -
WHO - Helmet Initiative

[vr]Trails.Guide - CD-ROM
Athlete's Diary - Software
Blue Pig Industries - Software for wheel builders
UltraCoach - Athletic Training Software for Windows

Training and Camps
Athletic Training Center -
Dirt Camp - Mountain biking camp.
Team Bauer - Endurance Training

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